A Coastal Apartment

Luxury condominiums or apartments are erected along the coast of Batu Feringhi at the island can be easily seen from the sea.

Penang Street Art (Soo Hong Lane)

A steel rod caricature depicting the historical origin or story associated with a certain area in George Town.
With its acquired World Heritage status from UNESCO, street arts such as the above can be easily spotted at a corner of a street in George Town.

Penang Isle: The Khoo Kongsi (Part I)

The Khoo Kongsi in Penang is a large Chinese clanhouse famous for its unique and highly intricate ancient Chinese architecture. The clan temple is the grandest and one of the oldest in the country, making it a popular historic tourist attraction. As one of the wealthy Chinese traders of the 17th century at the Straits, the Khoo clan has a large presence in the island back then. The clanhouse complex is located in Cannon Square at the heart of the heritage zone in George Town.

For more info, visit the official site here; KHOO KONGSI OFFICIAL SITE