Month: July 2012

The Logan Memorial


George Town Street View: Kapitan Keling Mosque Street

Shophouses along Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling. The mosque where this street was named after is a historical rich landmark which can be found located near the southern end of the street.

For the mosque itself, you may go here;

Penang Isle: Malayan Railway Building

Many Penang people today may not know that this building was once the Malayan Railway Building (yes, there used to be a railway station on the island). The building currently known as Wisma Kastam houses the state Customs Department. It was formerly the Malayan Railway Building located alongside trading offices and warehouses built in the 20th century.

Back then, the Malayan Railway Building was believed to be the only railway station in the world without a rail. Hence, instead of having platforms or trains, the station had administrative offices, a ticketing booth and a first-class Railways Restaurant with Bar and Grill. Passengers would be buying their tickets (which would include the ferry fees) at the station and then boarded the Railway Ferry Steamers to the mainland to catch the train.

Penang Marine Customs Complex

The Marine Customs Complex is located at the Weld Quay area and the complex is right next to the ferry terminal in George Town.

The Landmark Sculpture

An old miniaturized sculpture of Penang’s iconic landmark (KOMTAR tower) can be seen by the roadside along the uphill route to the Ayer Itam Dam. Looking over the sculpture, one can see the cityscape of George Town and at the center, lies the real KOMTAR tower.

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