Penang Street Art (Carnarvon Street)

Also known locally as Coffin Street due to a number of Chinese coffin maker shops along the street, Carnarvon Street is located right at the heritage zone of George Town. The wall caricature depicts a paper effigy maker trying to create a paper car which would later be burned for the those in the other world, according to Chinese belief.

Penang Islamic Museum

The Penang Islamic Museum located along Armenian Street, George Town, was built as a remembrance for the contribution of Malay leaders in the development of Islam in Penang. The museum is also known as the Syed Alatas Mansion.

The Street Art that Started It All

This is the most famous work in Penang done by Ernest Zacharevic, a Lithuania-born artist commissioned to paint some of the walls of George Town, Penang. It depicts two young children riding a bicycle and is located along Armenian Street, now one of the most photographed streets (or rather wall) in George Town (as seen below).

Crowds taking picture of the famous wall mural almost every day.

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For the art’s location, please click HERE for the map.