Penang Isle: Wesley Methodist Church

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Wesley Methodist Church 01
The Wesley Methodist Church in Penang, located at the junction of Larut Road and Burma Road, is the oldest Methodist Church in Malaysia.
The English architecture style Church building was built in 1911 and its cornerstone was laid on 26 December the same year. The land on Anson and Burma Roads was exchanged for Larut Road, where the Church was to be built.
Wesley Methodist Church 02
The Church was dedicated by Bishop W.P. Eveland on in memory of Bishop James M. FitzGerald, who presided over the 15th Session of the Malaysia Conference meeting in Penang in 1907, and who died in Hong Kong later in the same year and also in memory of his daughter, Miss Cornelia FitzGerald, who died in Penang in 1907 too.

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  1. Beautiful church! I have been to Malaysia twice and love it, such a beautiful country. I was so blessed by the women I met while speaking at a women’s conference outside of KL.

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