Penang Food: Cucur Udang


This tasty Malay style ‘snack’ is usually comprised of deep fried shrimp and fried tofu which can be found in a number of places in Penang, most notably Gurney Drive food court and Padang Brown food stalls.


Penang Food: Asam Laksa


Penang laksa or commonly known as asam laksa here is a sour, fish-based soup with noodle usually made with mackerel soup and its main distinguishing feature is the asam or tamarind which gives the soup a sour taste. The fish is poached and then flaked. Besides the fish, asam laksa typically include lemongrass, galangal (lengkuas) and chilli too. A popular delicacy for both locals and foreigners, it is one of the must-try hawker food in Penang.


George Town Festival 2013


Held for a period of one month annually to commemorate George Town’s 2008 recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage site status, the George Town Festival is the biggest event in Penang showcasing various works of arts, performance, music and film. This year, the festival will be running from 7th June to 7th July 2013. The official launching of the event will be on the 8th June 2013, 3.00pm at the Esplanade with a kite-flying ceremony featuring various kite makers and kite flyers from the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

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China House

China House, a popular dining and lifestyle place located right at the heart of George Town, is a convergence of a fantastic restaurant/cafe, an art house and a lively night bar. The place is actually made up of 3 colonial era buildings linked via an open courtyard in the middle. The restaurant entrance of China House faces the Beach Street while the entrance to the bar (called the Canteen) is located at the other end, Victoria Street.

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