Month: July 2013

Campbell Street Market

Built in the 1900s, Campbell Street Market is one of the oldest markets in Penang. Located at the cross intersection of Carnarvon Street, Campbell Street and Buckingham Street, this market features old colonial architecture design and is today still frequented by the locals.


The Moon Gate

The Moon Gate located near the Penang Botanic Gardens is an entrance archway remnant of a Chinese mansion built in the 19th century which now lies in ruins (source and more info: iGeorgetown Website). The archway now also serves as the meeting point of a popular hiking trail up to the Penang Hill.

Beach Street: Logan Heritage


Located along Beach Street between The Whiteaways Arcade building and Standard Chartered Bank building, the Logan Heritage is a renovated and restored colonial building with an inner courtyard. The 2-storey pre-war building now houses various businesses and shops. At the center of the building lies a tunneled walkway that leads to the backyard of the building.


Penang Street Art (Love Lane II)


Another new steel rod art sculpture located at Love Lane. This steel rod caricature is newly installed as compared to the one on the opposite side, and it depicts how Love Lane is presently also a popular street known for its budget inns.


The Old Red Door

Tucked away in a back alley of George Town, this door from the past is a testament to the uniquely preserved heritage of George Town. Also, an exploration of a street in George Town always reveals something nostalgically beautiful which you never know existed before.

Victoria Street: China House

The Victoria Street entrance of China House, a cafe and art house. At the time of this photo, a large cat sculpture (part of the 101 Lost Kittens project) can be seen welcoming visitors.

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