Month: November 2013

Penang Street Art (A Granddaughter’s Whisper)


This recent art mural is painted by a local artist, Simon Tan, is located at the side wall of Pinang’s Art Cafe at Kinta Lane. It depicts an old man laughing over something whispered by presumably his granddaughter.


This art work is located side by side with another existing mural drawn by another local artist named Louis Gan as shown above.

For the murals’ location map, go HERE.


George Town Street View: Cecil Street

Cecil Street

Cecil Street (or Lebuh Cecil) is one of the streets located at an area known as the Seven Streets Precinct, a working class neighborhood. The street was named after Sir Cecil Clementi Smith, the Governor of the Straits Settlements back then. The street is also locally known as the “7th road” in Chinese Hokkien.

Cecil Street

George Town Street View: A Curious Window Art

An interesting window covered by various beautiful tiles at a townhouse located along a small alley between Market Lane and Stewart Lane, George Town.

George Town Street View: China Street

China Street (or Lebuh China), is one of the main streets within the heritage area of George Town. The Kuan Yin temple of Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling (Pitt Street) faces this road directly.

Penang Street Art (The Temple Ground)



Part of a series of recently painted wall murals by local artists along Magazine Road Ghaut, George Town. This is a 3D wall art which interacts with real world objects such as a shrine and the tree nearby the wall. It basically depicts a temple ground and a person cleaning a shrine’s roof with his two friends who sit under the tree, presumably drawing out the whole scene.

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