Day: January 13, 2014

Greenhall: History Museum of Penang

Pinaon Museum
History Museum of Penang (or Pinaon Time Tunnel) is a small museum recently established along Greenhall Street in George Town. Within the museum, there is a ‘time tunnel’ which basically showcases the timeline of Penang through various exhibits and sculptures. It was said that Penang island was once referred to as “Pulau Pinaon” (which sounded similarly to “Pulau Pinang” in Malay) by the British back during the time before the island was occupied and developed.

For more info, please visit its official website HERE.


A Busy Day at Armenian Street

Armenian St

Armenian St

Armenian St

A typical busy day along Armenian Street, George Town. Since the heritage recognition by UNESCO and the famous mural painted by Ernest Zacharevic, Armenian Street has transformed into the most popular street in George Town.

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