Month: January 2015

Penang Nature: A Hidden Waterscape

The Ayer Itam reservoir.


Penang Nature: Hill Forest

Despite being a rather small island, Penang is not short of rainforest and natural landscapes. The hills which formed mostly at the northern part of the island are populated with old towering trees and various fauna.

Penang Nature: Waterfalls

Waterfalls at Titi Kerawang. The Titi Kerawang cascade is located somewhere along the hill route that connects the western and northern part of the island. The route is part of the “round island drive” trip in Penang.

Penang Street Art (Urban Xchange Mural III @ Nagore Mews)

Another street art painted during the Urban Xchange festival in November 2014, which can be found on a ruined wall at the back of Nagore Mews, George Town.

The Penang Hill Railway Journey

Hill Railway

Hill Railway

Hill Railway

Breathtaking views from the inside of the funicular train while traveling along the railway up to the top of Penang Hill. The new train now takes less than 30 minutes to reach the top station of the hill, and unlike the old train, it no longer stops at the middle station.

Penang Isle: Prince of Wales Island International School

Prince of Wales Island International School
Prince of Wales Island International School located at Balik Pulau, Penang, is an international British boarding style school which opened in September 2011.
For more info, one may visit its official website here:

A Hilltop House

House at Hilltop
Houses on the hilltop and fruit farms at the slopes are common sights along the Balik Pulau-Teluk Bahang hill route.

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