Penang Isle: Sungai Pinang Bridge

Sg Pinang

Sg Pinang

Sungai Pinang (or simply translated as Pinang River) is a large river that flows from the western side of Penang island. The red Sungai Pinang steel bridge was completed in 2008 to replace the old one and easily stands out as a small landmark in the area. The Sungai Pinang fishing boat wharf is also located nearby the bridge.

Sg Pinang

Fishing boat wharf at Sungai Pinang.

George Town Street View: Noordin Street

Noordin Street

Noordin Street (in Malay, Lebuh Noordin), is located within the George Town area and locally known in Hokkien as “the second road”. It is part of the locally known “seven roads area”. Noordin Street is named after Habib Marican Noordin, an Indian Muslim merchant who was one of the sponsors of the Kapitan Keling Mosque, and also a former student of the Penang Free School.

George Town Street View: Maxwell Road

Maxwell Rd 01

Maxwell Rd 02

Maxwell Road (or Jalan Maxwell) is a small road located at the heart of George Town and was named after Sir William Edward Maxwell, a colonial secretary and the Acting Governor of the Straits Settlements in Singapore between 1893 and 1894. The road used to be thriving with businesses and its row of shophouses were occupied by traders due to a nearby market which existed back then. However, after the market was moved out of the area, the road now only consists of empty, derelict and abandoned pre-war style shophouses.

Muntri Street: Gala House Cafe and Restaurant

Gala House is a restaurant and cafe made up of a two-storey heritage style townhouse located along Muntri Street, George Town. It serves various pasta (quite well known for its fusion style), western cuisine as well as coffees and other drinks. Additional space is available at the upper floor and the balcony too for those who enjoy a sip of coffee or beer while overlooking the street below.

Previously, the same townhouse is also the home of another restaurant called Soul Kitchen.

For more info, one may visit its Facebook page here; or official website at