Month: May 2015

George Town Street View: A Bike for Rent


The motorcycle is one of the popular modes of transportation for tourists who wish to travel around the heritage streets of George Town, with bicycle being the leading one.


Penang Street Art (The Blind Wall by Sath)


A street art mural by Spanish artist Sath for the Different Strokes street art festival held in Penang. This mural, along with several others, can be found at the derelict shophouses located along the now closed Maxwell Road in George Town.

Penang Street Art (MAS @ Different Strokes)


Likely part of the street art created during the Different Strokes art exhibition at the derelict shophouses located along the old Maxwell Road in George Town.

Hin Bus Depot: The Sky Gazer

Sky Gazer Street Art

A piece of beautiful street art portraiture found in the backyard of Hin Bus Depot, George Town. Now an art centre, the Hin Bus Depot has been the host to many art exhibitions.

Muntri Street View


Rows of Straits Eclectic townhouses line up this old street.

A quick interesting fact about Muntri Street; the Lam Wah Ee Hospital, the first hospital for the poor in Penang, used to be located here before shifting to its current place.

Balik Pulau Street Art: The Old Man Portrait by Zacharevic


A large mural portrait of an old man as created by the now famous artist Ernest Zacharevic.

Balik Pulau Street View: Bike Trail Signboard


The countryside and rural parts of Balik Pulau provide an ideal place for bicycle enthusiast to go on a journey through various small villages and farmlands in the western region of Penang.
The roads there have fewer traffic and the surrounding rural landscape provides a cleaner air and beautiful scenery as well.

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