Month: June 2015

Penang Street Art (Raja Uda Giant Mural by Martin Ron)


Another giant mural found in Raja Uda, Butterworth. This mural was painted by Martin Ron in May and depicts a man (a friend of the artist) seated with turtles floating around. Located behind a row of shoplots across the road from Sabek’s mural, this giant mural was also drawn in conjunction with the Different Strokes street art exhibition.

For its location, please go here; Raja Uda Street Art Murals Location Map.

Penang Street Art (Raja Uda Giant Mural by Sabek)


This rather large abstract mural was painted by Sabek, a Spanish artist during the Different Strokes street art exhibition period. It can be easily seen at the side wall of a shop facing the main road of Raja Uda, Butterworth. Jalan Raja Uda (or Raja Uda Road) is one of the main roads in Butterworth.

For its location, please go here; Raja Uda Street Art Murals Location Map.

The Season of Durians

Durian Fest

Durians season is back again during the period of June to July this month. Touted as the King of Fruits in Southeast Asia, Penang is also one of the top destinations for durian lovers to try out various species of the fruit. There is also a durian festival held during this season.

Durian Fest

Durian Fest

Chew Jetty Boardwalk






One of the unique attractions in Penang is the clan jetties located along the coastal area of Weld Quay, George Town. One such jetty is the larger and more popular Chew Clan Jetty, or commonly known as just Chew Jetty, which features wooden houses built on stilts.

Love Lane Street View

Love Lane

Signboards of inns, cafes and shops along Love Lane, also known as Backpackers’ Street in George Town.

Kampung Kaka Street View



Kampung Kaka is a small road in George Town that links up with the Kampung Kolam area and Carnarvon Street interchange. The name was reportedly originated from the word Kaka, a reference to the local Malabari Muslims who lived in the area back in the old days.

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