Month: July 2015

George Town Street View: Carnarvon Street

Carnarvon Street View

Carnarvon Street View

This part of Carnarvon Street is where the street is nearing its end and meets Chulia Street.

Carnarvon Street View


The Northam Road Coast

Northam Coast
Northam Road or Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, is a road that stretches along the northern coast of the Penang island. Old mansions can be seen along this road, which was once a popular address for wealthy people back in the old days of Penang.

Walking through Heritage II (Five Foot Way)

Five Foot Way

Old heritage style ceramic tiles with intrinsic pattern filled up the ground of the five foot way of these townhouses along Noordin Street in George Town.

Walking through Ruins (Five Foot Way)

Ruined Walkway The five foot way of the old ruined shophouses of Maxwell Road, which is now closed for further development.

Walking through Heritage (Five Foot Way)


A walk through a five foot way floored with vintage ceramic tiles.

Five Foot Ways (a form of heritage architectural design) are public spaces in front of most pre-war townhouses in George Town such as this one at Nagore Road. Five Foot Ways roughly describes the width of the walking passage although this may not necessarily be accurate as some passage ways may be wider or more narrow.

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