Day: July 11, 2015

George Town Street View: A Glimpse of Heritage

House Facade


Penang Food: Curry Mee


Curry Mee is a popular local food here which can be found in most coffeeshops or hawker food courts in Penang. It is a type of yellow noodle dish served with cubes of pig’s blood, cockles, cuttlefish, shrimp, and fried tofu puffs, all of these in a coconut milk curry gravy.

Penang Street Food: Sky Hotel (Wai Kee Char Siew)


Located within the green colored Sky Hotel building at Chulia Street, George Town, the old Wai Kee food stall is popular locally with its ‘char siew’ or barbeque pork. It usually starts its business at around 11am and by 2pm, the food will be sold out. Besides ‘char siew’, it also serves roasted pork, steamed chicken and roasted duck.









George Town Street View: Nagore Mews

Nagore Mews

Nagore Mews consist of a number of old houses which were then converted from mews. There are three rows of such houses in the area, with two floors for each row. The mews were abandoned for quite some time until they were being bought over. They were also used as the locations for the Urban Xchange Street Art exhibition. Currently, street stalls selling food and stuff can be found populating the once abandoned lots. The mews are located at along Nagore Road, George Town.

Nagore Mews

George Town Street View: The Lone Window

Old Lone Window
An old heritage style townhouse with a lone side window in the streets of George Town.

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