Day: August 17, 2015

Love Lane: Chinese Guild of Carpenters

Carpenters Guild

Serving as both the guildhouse for Chinese carpenters and the temple of the ‘North Duke’, this building was found to be built in the year 1865 and is located along Love Lane, George Town. The Guild of Carpenters was founded back then by the local Chinese Cantonese craftsmen who also worshipped ‘Lo Pan’ (or literally ‘North Duke’), the patron saint of the Cantonese tradesmen.

Carpenters Guild


Penang Street Art (‘Carting Likes’ by Nafir)

Nafir Art

Another art piece created by Nafir, an Iranian street artist who was one of the participants of the Different Strokes international street art festival held in Penang a couple of months ago. This wall mural can be found in Nagore Square.

For this street art location, please go HERE.

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