Deepavali in Penang

Deepavali Decoration

Deepavali Decoration

Some shots of Deepavali festive decorations at the malls in Penang. Happy Deepavali to all who celebrates it!

Penang Street Art (Ip Man, Wing Chun Master)

Ip Man’s Mural

This mural depicts Chinese martial artist Ip Man practicing his Wing Chun techniques on a wooden dummy. It can be found at the wall of Ip Man Wing Chun Penang, a Chinese martial arts school in Solok Thaton, Pulau Tikus, Penang.

Ip Man was born in Foshan, Guangdong, China and later resided in Hong Kong. As a master teacher of Wing Chun, some of his students would become well known martial arts masters themselves, such as Wong Shun Leung and Bruce Lee.

Madras Lane: Hu Yew Seah

Hu Yew Seah

Hu Yew Seah

This Hu Yew Seah old heritage building is located at Madras Lane, George Town. Hu Yew Seah is an institution founded in 1914 that promotes Chinese language education to the English speaking Chinese in Penang.