Month: February 2017

Stewart Lane Street View: Seven Terraces


Seven Terraces townhouses (on the right) along Stewart Lane, George Town.


George Town Link Bike (LinkBike)

As part of Penang government’s effort to promote cycling, the Link Bike Sharing System was introduced by the Penang Island City Council in 2016 to provide a convenient bicycle-sharing system for the public. One can simply pick up a bicycle from any station and then return it to other stations which will be located at 25 strategic places in George Town. The system also provides an alternative to sight-seeing George Town and to use the service, one can just simply download its app and follow the instruction.

For more info, do visit the LinkBike site:

Crossing the Second Penang Bridge

Crossing the sea via the Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge (aka Second Penang Bridge) during a sunset.

Butterworth Street Art Alley: Heritage Art Murals

Art murals portraying the agricultural and colonial origin of Butterworth being featured at the Butterworth Street Art Alley.

Butterworth Street Art Alley: The Old Colonial Crest


This emblem is the Coat of Arms of the Straits Settlements, the former group of British territories located in Southeast Asia which included Penang. This art work can be found at the Butterworth Street Art Alley.

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