Month: April 2017

Hutton Lane Street View

Contrary to being named a ‘lane’, Hutton Lane (Jalan Hutton) is actually one of the busy streets in George Town. It is named after James Hutton, a British who also happened to be one of the first doctors in Penang.


Penang Street Art Map (Part 15 – City Center / Komtar Area)

Art murals nearby the area of George Town’s city center and Komtar complex:

1. (“Having A Bowl of Cendol” by Jarus)
2. (“Looking Up” by Jarus)
3. (The Jungle Bird)
4. (The Blessed Tree)

For other street art locations, please click HERE.

Penang Street Art (The Blessed Tree)


A large mural painted on the wall of a building in Kampung Kolam, George Town. This art work depicting what appears to be called the Borton Tree, or the Sahabi Tree, an ancient sacred tree in the Muslim world.

Penang Street Art (Hotel Jen Abstract Mural)

Abstract art mural painted at the front of Hotel Jen in Magazine Road, George Town.

Kampung Kolam: Ma’ Amah Mausoleum

Ma’ Amah Mausoleum is an old mausoleum located right at the heritage area of George Town, in Kampung Kolam. It houses the grave of Cauder Mydin Merican, a renowned leader of the Indian Muslim community in Penang during the old days.

Penang International Food Festival


The Penang International Food Festival is a 16-days event celebrating the diversity of Penang food, ranging from popular local hawkers street food to ‘fringe’ food festival featuring cafes, food trucks and so on. The festival starts from 15th to 30th April.

For more info, please refer to its Facebook page:

Penang Street Art (“Having A Bowl of Cendol” by Jarus)

A large mural painted by Canadian street artist Emmanuel Jarus depicting a boy having a bowl of cendol, a popular traditional dessert in Penang. This mural is the artist’s second artwork, with the first being the “Looking Up” mural painted on the wall of 1st Avenue mall, George Town.

This art work in Keng Kwee Street can be found right at the spot where Penang’s famous Teochew Chendul stall is located.


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