Passing by Chung Ling High School

Chung Ling High School in Ayer Itam is a Chinese boys’ school and also one of the oldest and most well known Chinese schools in Penang. Founded by the local supporters of Dr Sun Yat Sen in the early 1900s, the school was originally established in George Town, before moving to several locations until it was finally relocated to its current location in 1923.

George Town Street View: Sri Bahari Road

Connecting Transfer Road to Penang Road, Sri Bahari Road is a rather small road in George Town which had its origin traced back to the North Indians community in the old days and was named after a temple built by the community back then. Some of the road’s old heritage townhouses had recently undergone a restoration and renovation.

Sri Bahari Road heritage houses facade:

George Town Street View: Transfer Road

A major road in George Town, Transfer Road was named as a commemoration for the transfer of Straits Settlements administration from the British India office to the colonial office in London in 1867.

George Town Street View: Argyll Road

Once known as Bengali Alley, Argyll Road was an area in George Town predominantly populated by Bengalis, or rather the North Indians immigrants community in the 19th century before the increased population of Chinese immigrants due to mining activities in the country.

Ku Din Ku Meh Mansion


Now known as “Segara Ninda“, Ku Din Ku Meh Mansion is an old and historical bungalow located at the junction where Penang Road meets Farquhar Street in George Town. The bungalow is an old heritage house built during the British colonial era in the late 19th century, with traditional Malay design style. It used to belong to Tengku Baharudin bin Tengku Meh, the governor and King of Satun, Thailand in the early 1900, who was also known as Ku Din Ku Meh. The bungalow now belongs to the descendants of Ku Din Ku Meh and the restored building now also provides a lodging service.