Month: March 2018

Noordin Street’s End Point

The part where Noordin Street meets C.Y. Choy Road in George Town.


Noordin Street: Tow Moo Keong Temple

Originated as a small shrine along Noordin Street in George Town, the Tow Moo Keong temple is built as a place of worship for Tow Moo, a Chinese deity known usually as the goddess of the heavens. The temple features detailed sculptures of dragons and heavenly entities of the Chinese lore.

Noordin Street: Facades of the Shophouses

Old heritage shophouse at Noordin Street, George Town

A Penang Perspective: The Orange Houses

Heritage pre-war townhouses painted in orange color, in Noordin Street, George Town.

A Penang Perspective: The Foreign Road

A scene that resembles more of a foreign place than the Penang island itself. This rather hidden path is located beside the Penang Hill base station.

Downing Street on a Bank Holiday

A trishaw resting by the roadside of a rather empty Downing Street during a bank holiday in George Town, Penang.

Penang Street Art (The Nine Shophouses Mural)

A wall art mural painted on one of the “Nine Shophouses of Kek Chuan Road” in George Town. The Nine Shophouses are a row of rejuvenated pre-war townhouses in Kek Chuan Road which are also painted with nine distinctive colors.

Penang Street Art (The Wedding Couple)

An art mural created by a freestyle artist named Craig Griffin for a cake house which is located along McNair Street, in George Town. The black and white art work depicts a couple in wedding attire looking out through a window, into the landscape beyond.

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