Month: July 2019

A Glimpse of Entopia

A shot of a butterfly resting on a leaf at Entopia Butterfly Garden in Teluk Bahang, Penang.


Sungai Ara Linear Park (Taman Jajar Sungai Ara)

Sungai Ara Linear Park (or also called Taman Jajar Sungai Ara) is a lesser known park but is popular within the local area communities. Situated within the housing area of Sungai Ara, the park has some outdoor exercising facilities, walking/jogging paths, a small stage with a river that flows through the park. The park is also surrounded by a number of raintrees which provide ample shades for those who are utilizing the park.

Campbell Street Facades

Campbell Street is one of the popular streets in George Town and is accessible from Penang Road and a number of other smaller streets. The street was found to be named after the Penang Inspector General Sir George William Robert Campbell, who was also the acting Lieutenant-Governor of Penang between 1872 and 1873. Also called “Sin Kay” in Hokkien by the locals, this street now becomes a shopping street for the locals and tourists to shop for various items such as food produces, clothing, bags, watches and shoes. Several cafes have also opened for business along this street. This is evident by the number of signboards leaning out from the shophouses along the street.

George Town Festival 2019: When Night Falls by Filamen (Video)

Projection mappings featuring colorful and animated visuals at the Penang Town Hall building at Esplanade during the 2019 George Town Festival.

George Town Festival 2019: Teatro Pavana’s Le Ballerine (Video)

George Town Festival 2019’s WHEN NIGHT FALLS, which is held at the Esplanade area featuring Teatro Pavana performing Le Ballerine.

George Town Festival 2019: FierS à Cheval (Video)

Compagnie des Quidams from France performing FierS à Cheval at the 2019 George Town Festival’s When Night Falls, at the Esplanade.

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