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Penang Street Art (The Old Man Portrait)

A mural featuring a portrait of an old man (a local silversmith) found at the wall of an old shophouse in the Balik Pulau town. This ‘reverse graffiti’ mural is painted with using just water by Ernest Zacharevic, the artist who started the famous street art in George Town, Penang. This is his contribution to the Urban Xchange conference held last November in Penang.

Balik Pulau: Nutmeg Sculpture

Balik Pulau is also home to the local favorite nutmeg juice, where there are several nutmeg plantations located in the region.

Balik Pulau: Pulau Betong Mosque

Pulau Betong Mosque
Masjid Raudah Pulau Betong in Kampung Pulau Betong, Balik Pulau, Penang.

Penang Snapshot: A Kampung House

An old countryside Malay house at Balik Pulau, Penang.
And to all Muslims, Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri!

Balik Pulau District Syariah Court

Syariah Court

The Balik Pulau District Syariah Court built in resemblance of a mosque design, is a court which hears Syariah cases involving Muslims in the Balik Pulau and Southwest District of Penang Island.

Penang Isle: Anjung Indah

Anjung Indah

Anjung Indah

Anjung Indah is a mid-way rest place (along Jalan Tun Sardon) in the midst of the hills of Balik Pulau and also provides a scenic view of the western part of Penang. The Penang Durian Festival is usually held at this location.


Anjung Indah

Anjung Indah




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