Penang Street Art (Hameediyah Nasi Kandar Mural)

This mural is dedicated to Hameediyah Restaurant, the oldest nasi kandar seller in the country which has its historical roots all the back to 1907.

The mural can be found at the alley just behind the Hameediyah Restaurant at Campbell Street (Lebuh Campbell).

The Hameediyah Nasi Kandar Restaurant at Campbell Street, George Town.

Penang Street Art (Disco Fresh Milk Seller Mural @ Ayer Itam)

This fresh milk seller who called himself Disco has been operating his ‘Disco Corner Cafe’ or ‘Disco Fresh Milk’ stall by the side of Ayer Itam’s main road for many years. The stall is a favorite among the locals here and only starts operating during late evenings to late nights.

George Town Street View: Le Petit Four Patisserie

One of the many cafes in George Town,  Le Petit Four Patisserie is located along the heritage row of Beach Street townhouses in George Town.

Toh Soon Cafe

Located at a small alley way that connects Campbell Street and Kampung Malabar Street, Toh Soon Cafe is an old but popular coffee shop that serves toast and coffee. The unique point about this old shop is its bread which is grilled using the traditional way, with charcoal fueled fire. Aside from its toast, the coffee served is one of the best local Hainanese style coffee in Penang.

Toh Soon Cafe usually opens from 8am to around 3pm and it is normally crowded.

Penang Street Food: A Plate of Chee Cheong Fun

Chee Cheong Fun is a common street food made of steamed flat rice noodle rolls which can be found in Penang. The local Chee Cheong Fun is usually served with dark prawn paste with sesame seeds.
In this one pictured, it is added with extra peanut butter paste.