Penang Street Art (Prison Break)

This steel rod sculpture located at a building at Acheen Street, depicts a rope being tied to the window presumably by someone trying to escape from the building. The building was used to be a prison before it was later converted to a warehouse.

Penang Street Art (Market Lane Toddy Shop)

Steel rod wall sculpture found at Market Lane, George Town. The sculpture is installed at the front entrance wall of an old toddy shop. Toddy is an alcoholic beverage created from the sap of various species of palm tree such as the palmyra, date palms and coconut palms. It is popular among the Indian community here and even to some Chinese.
The sculpture depicts a person climbing up a palm tree, presumably to harvest the sap of the tree for making toddy.

Penang Street Art (Prangin Lane)

Steel rod wall sculpture located at Prangin Lane, George Town, describing the neighborhood as a place for petty trading and activities such as drying of salted fish and basket weaving.

Penang Street Art (Carnarvon Street)

Also known locally as Coffin Street due to a number of Chinese coffin maker shops along the street, Carnarvon Street is located right at the heritage zone of George Town. The wall caricature depicts a paper effigy maker trying to create a paper car which would later be burned for the those in the other world, according to Chinese belief.

Penang Street Art (The Fortune Teller)

This steel rod art sculpture can be found at a wall of a corner building located at the junction of King Street and China Street.
It depicts the Indian fortune tellers in the old days who used a green parakeet to foretell a person’s future.

Penang Street Art (Transfer Road Sidewalk Traders)

Another steel rod sculpture installed at the traffic light junction of Transfer Road and Hutton Lane at George Town.
This sculpture depicts the traders and vendors (mainly from China in the old days) who set up small businesses along the five foot sideway in the area. Some of these small traders would later rise to be among the wealthiest in Penang.