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George Town World Heritage Site Celebration @ WordPress

Just to share this new site which features the when and where of various events held in conjunction of the George Town anniversary celebration of the World Heritage Site.

Penang Street Art (Wall Photos)

Large black and white photos are set up upon the walls of an old building at Masjid Kapitan Keling Road (formerly Pitt Street).

Penang Street Art (Children on a Bicycle)

The world famous mural featuring two little children on a bicycle.

The most famous art mural in George Town painted by Ernest Zacharevic (Click here for his other artworks in Penang). Ernest Zacharevic is a Lithuanian artist who has been painting a number of murals on the streets of George Town, Penang which have been attracting visitors from all over the world.

For the art’s location, please click HERE for the map.

George Town Festival 2012

Updated a new simpler theme for this site and just to share some info on the George Town Festival 2012. The George Town Festival is jointly organized by the Penang State Government, Penang Municipal Council, George Town World Heritage Inc and Penang Global Tourism.

For more info on this, please visit

Penang Street Art (Soo Hong Lane)

A steel rod caricature depicting the historical origin or story associated with a certain area in George Town.
With its acquired World Heritage status from UNESCO, street arts such as the above can be easily spotted at a corner of a street in George Town.

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