A Balik Pulau Scenery

A rural road in Balik Pulau.


Penang Street Art (Balik Pulau Bread Man Mural)

A large art mural depicting a popular local bread seller in Balik Pulau town. According to local artist Andhar A. Samah who created the mural with several others, the bread seller known as Uncle Muniandi (or “Uncle Roti”) is a legend in Balik Pulau who is recognized by everyone there regardless of race. The mural was also created in conjunction with the Balik Pulau Festival.

Penang Street Art (Lily Garden Fish Mural)


Another art mural painted on the old residential flat of Balik Pulau called Lily Garden. The fish art mural is created by local artist Nash Arts in conjunction with the Balik Pulau Festival in Penang.

Penang Street Art (Fish Lane Mural)

Sponsored by Nippon Paint Malaysia, this large art mural is located at Lorong Ikan (literally translated as Fish Lane). The art work depicts the historical story of the street, whereby vendors used to sell fish, dried salted fish and various spices during the old days. The mural is created and painted by a local artist named Chan Kai Lun.

A Penang Road Street View

This part of Penang Road which passes beside the KOMTAR complex is known for its array of camera shops (some very old ones) such as the one shown in the picture.

Penang Street Art (No Single Use Plastic)

Sponsored by AMD, this art mural depicts the ‘No Single Use Plastic’ environmental campaign that is being launched in Penang. This art work can be found at the side wall of Wen Chang Chicken Rice shop in Cintra Street, George Town.

A Stroll Through George Town

A walk through the usually crowded street of Lebuh Keng Kwee (or Keng Kwee Street), which is best known for arguably Penang’s best Cendol stall.

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