Acheen Street View: Heritage Townhouses Facade

Old heritage pre-war townhouses along Acheen Street, George Town. These double-storeys townhouses normally have the “Southern Chinese” Eclectic Style architecture, which is often influenced by a mix of Chinese, Indian and European style design.

George Town Street View: Acheen Mosque Minaret during CNY

A view of Cannon Street decorated with red lanterns during Chinese New Year, with the minaret of Acheen Street Mosque standing at the background in George Town.

Penang Street Art (Toys Cafe Cartoons)

The front of the Toys Cafe decorated with various cartoon and movie characters. The cafe is located at the corner of Acheen Street and Lumut Lane in George Town.

George Town Street View: ACHEEN STREET (Lebuh Acheh)

The Acheen Street or Acheh Street (Lebuh Acheh), is a street in George Town within the heritage zone itself. The street was named in recognition of the old Acehnese community who used to live there.

The street is also home to the famous Acheen Street Mosque, an unique and historical mosque. The mosque with its recognizable minaret is located right at the junction formed by Acheen Street and Cannon Street.

George Town Street View: Five Foot Way


Five Foot Ways are public spaces in front of most pre-war townhouses in George Town. An unique architectural design on its own, Five Foot Ways roughly describes the width of the walking passage though this may not necessarily be accurate as some passage ways may be wider or more narrow.