Penang Perspective: A Portrait of the Acheen Street Mosque Tower

Cannon Street
A view of the Acheen Street Mosque‘s turret as well as the popular ‘A Boy Reaching Up’ mural of Ernest Zacharevic at the wall of the house on the right.

Penang Street Art (Prison Break)

This steel rod sculpture located at a building at Acheen Street, depicts a rope being tied to the window presumably by someone trying to escape from the building. The building was used to be a prison before it was later converted to a warehouse.

George Town Street View: Lumut Lane

Lumut Lane (or Lorong Lumut) is a small street that connects both Acheen Street and Toh Aka Lane. It was said that the leaders of the Acheen community of traders, pilgrim brokers and writers had been living at Lumut Lane’s area since the 19th century in George Town.