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Penang Street Art: Sadik Graffiti

Penang Street Art: Sadik Graffiti


Penang Street Art (Burning / Air Pollution)


Burning by Cloak Work is a street art that can be found on a wall of Ah Quee Street, Penang.

Note: After this art work was completed, someone scribbled the red paint word on it.

Penang Isle: Lim Kongsi

The entrance gateway of the Lim Kongsi (Lim Clan Association), a Hokkien association located at Ah Quee Street, George Town.

The full name of Lim Kongsi is Kew Leong Tong Lim Kongsi. Kew Leong Tong (or ‘Hall of Nine Dragons’) is the primary association of Lim clan here. It was said that the name ‘Kew Leong Tong’ was to serve as a memorial to the sons of a certain Lim clan who were promoted as the chief magistrates during the Tang Dynasty in China.

Penang Street Art (Man in a Flag Shirt)

Man in a Flag Shirt

This art mural which portrays a man wearing a Malaysian flag design T-shirt can be found on the wall along Ah Quee Street, George Town.

Penang Street Art (The Flower Vases Sculpture)

Flower Sculpture
An old wall art sculpture found along Ah Quee street before the wall is repainted and repaired.

Penang Street Art (The Darth Vader)

A wall art with a portrait of Darth Vader spotted at the back of a building along Ah Quee Street.

Link to the mural’s location; https://travel2penang.wordpress.com/2014/10/25/penang-street-art-map-part-8/

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