Western Road: The Penang Masonic Temple

An old and heritage building incorporating Art Deco design, the Penang Masonic Temple was established in the 1920s by The Royal Prince of Wales Lodge No. 1555, United Grand Lodge of England, and Lodge Scotia No. 1003, Grand Lodge of Scotland, for the purpose of a meeting place for its members.

Presgrave Street View: Kwong Wah Yit Poh Press Building


Kwong Wah Yit Poh is one of the oldest Chinese language newspapers in Malaysia, which was originally founded by in 1910 by Dr. Sun Yat-sen (as one of the movement’s media outlets to overthrow the Qing dynasty of Imperial China at that time). This current building is located at Presgrave Street, George Town. Prior to this location, the newspaper office had been located in several places in George Town including Armenian Street and Chulia Street Ghaut.

George Town Street View: The Hin Company Bus Depot

Hin bus depot

Hin bus depot

Built with an architectural style of Art Deco, the Hin Company Bus Depot is an old and abandoned bus depot located along Brick Kiln Road (or Jalan Gurdwara), in George Town, Penang. It is right opposite Grand Continental Hotel and nearby Gama shopping mall.

There is an art exhibition by Ernest Zacharevic held at the bus depot from 17 January until 14 February as shown HERE.


The Penang Police Headquarters


The Penang Police Headquarters is itself a historical building located along Penang Road, George Town. The old building also incorporates the Art Deco architectural style, which is commonly seen back at the time. The police headquarters was established on 25 March 1807 while the building was built just before World War II. The building also underwent a renovation and repainting of white and blue recently.

George Town Street View: Hotel Penaga


Located right at the city center of George Town, Hotel Penaga is converted from restored heritage buildings which are originally a three rows of double storey terraced houses and shophouses, built in the late 1940s. At the side wall of the Clarke Terrace also lies a large art mural.

For more info on the hotel, please refer HERE.


Penang Isle: U.A.B Building

The U.A.B Building is an old historical building located at China Street Ghaut in George Town, Penang. The U.A.B Building was built in the 1930s, incorporating Art Deco architectural design style. The building was once occupied by the Indian Overseas Bank which was established in Penang in 1937 as the first overseas branch of the bank.

Penang Isle: The Masonic Temple

Constructed in the year 1924, the Penang Masonic Temple is both a heritage and historic Masonic building. The temple, located at 136 Jalan Utama (Western Road), Georgetown, was built as the centralized building for the four Freemason groups to meet at that time. It was built by both the Lodge Scotia and The Royal Prince of Wales Lodge. The building today is still used by the founding lodges for their meetings and is also utilised by 7 other Masonic bodies of either English or Scottish jurisdiction, which pay rent for its use.

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