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George Town Street View: Yeoh Kongsi Clanhouse

The Yeoh Kongsi clan association and temple located at the intersection of Chulia Street Ghaut and Victoria Street, George Town.

The official name of the “Kongsi” is Har Yang Sit Teik Tong Yeoh Kongsi, and it is is a Hokkien clan association for the Yeoh surnamed descendants.

George Town Heritage View: The Clan Houses


A wall that separates two clan houses in George Town’s heritage zone, the Cheah Kongsi at Armenian Street and the Lim Kongsi at Ah Quee Street.

Khoo Kongsi Temple Facade

Khoo Kongsi Temple Facade

Intricately decorated front entrance of the Khoo Kongsi clan temple in George Town.

King Street: The Clan Houses

The various minor Chinese clan houses and associations in King Street, George Town.

Chin Si Thoong Soo which was built in 1914 and incorporating Cantonese Straits Eclectic style, is a Chin clan association building.

Chin Si Thoong Soo

Chin Si Thoong Soo

Chong San Wooi Koon is a Cantonese district association that represents the Cantonese clansmen from Guangdong Province in southern China.

Chong San Wooi Koon

Chong San Wooi Koon

Kar Yin Fee Kuan (Kar Yin Association) is a Hakka district association founded in early 1800s that represents the clansmen from the Kar Yin District of Guangdong Province in southern China.

Kar Yin Fee Kuan

Tseng Lung Fui Kon is another Hakka district association for Hakka people from the Tseng Lung district of Guangdong Province in southern China and is located next to Kar Yin Association.

Tseng Lung Fui Kon

Koo Saing Wooi Koon is a combined clan temple for people of the surname Lau, Kuan, Teoh and Teo.


Lee Sih Chong Soo (or also known as Lee Kongsi), is the clan association for the Chinese surnamed Lee.

Lee Sih Chong Soo

The Ng Kongsi is a clan association for the Cantonese people surnamed Ng.

Ng Kongsi

Ng Kongsi

Poe Choo Seah is an association for Straits-born Chinese, the Baba Nyonyas which was built in early 1900s incorporating the Straits Eclectic style.

Poe Choo Seah

Poe Choo Seah

Penang Isle: Lim Kongsi

The entrance gateway of the Lim Kongsi (Lim Clan Association), a Hokkien association located at Ah Quee Street, George Town.

The full name of Lim Kongsi is Kew Leong Tong Lim Kongsi. Kew Leong Tong (or ‘Hall of Nine Dragons’) is the primary association of Lim clan here. It was said that the name ‘Kew Leong Tong’ was to serve as a memorial to the sons of a certain Lim clan who were promoted as the chief magistrates during the Tang Dynasty in China.

View of a Heritage Compound

Cheah Kongsi
View from the Cheah Kongsi temple balcony, facing Beach Street in George Town.

Bishop Street: San Wooi Wooi Koon

Bishop Street Temple
San Wooi Wooi Koon is an old Cantonese district association located along Bishop Street in George Town. The association-temple building was built in the 1870s.

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