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Penang Street Food: Asam Laksa

Pictured here is a bowl of Asam Laksa from the Balik Pulau Market Food Court.

Laksa is a must try street food in Penang, and is one of the most popular local food here. Also known as Asam Laksa, it is simply a Nyonya (Peranakan) style of hot and sour noodles cooked in fish broth and vegetables.


Balik Pulau: The Rural Paddy Field

Paddy fields are a common sight in Balik Pulau, as the rural folks here are mostly farmers or fishermen.

Balik Pulau: The Mangrove Forest Reserve in Penang

Located at the western shore of Balik Pulau area, and nearby Pantai Malindo (Malindo Beach), this small mangrove forest reserve is open to the public and has wooden walkway built for people to experience the natural surroundings.

Sungai Burong: Where the River Meets the Sea

The view where the Sungai Burong river meets the sea at the western coast of Balik Pulau.

Penang Island: Balik Pulau Cycling Route

Balik Pulau‘s rural and natural landscape provide scenic views of the western countryside region of Penang island as well as many cycling routes that one can try on to experience a different side of the island.

Penang Isle: The Round Island Road

The Round Island Road

The Round Island Road

The Round Island Road

The Round Island Road

The Round Island Road

The ‘Round Island’ route connects the northern and western areas of Penang Island, from Teluk Bahang to the Balik Pulau province. This scenic route passes via the hill slopes of the northwestern part of the island, and along the journey, one will also pass by fruits farms, orchards and many durian trees (especially when it is durian season).

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