Ku Din Ku Meh Mansion


Now known as “Segara Ninda“, Ku Din Ku Meh Mansion is an old and historical bungalow located at the junction where Penang Road meets Farquhar Street in George Town. The bungalow is an old heritage house built during the British colonial era in the late 19th century, with traditional Malay design style. It used to belong to Tengku Baharudin bin Tengku Meh, the governor and King of Satun, Thailand in the early 1900, who was also known as Ku Din Ku Meh. The bungalow now belongs to the descendants of Ku Din Ku Meh and the restored building now also provides a lodging service.

Old Shih Chung Branch School Building



Old Shih Chung Branch School

The old and derelict building was once a large mansion of five-storeys tall built in the late 1880s at Northam Road, George Town. It is locally known as “Goh Chan Lau” or “five-storeys villa”, with a rich history from its origin till the current state it is now. The mansion was built by local tycoon Cheah Tek Soon as a private residence, and incorporated a mix of Asian and Western architecture styles. It later on became the site of the old Shih Chung Branch School but the school was also eventually relocated years ago.

The Northam Lodge

This elaborated European inspired mansion is located at the Northam Road (or Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah) in George Town.

This beautiful mansion was built by a famous architect named James Stark back in the year 1911 for Heah Swee Lee, a wealthy and successful rubber and sugar planter. The mansion was a symbol of George Town’s high society back then and even Straits Settlements Legislative Councillor A. R. Adams praised the owner for his “splendid domicile” and the architect on the “excellent results.

The mansion was originally named Northam Lodge before a subsequent change of ownership and was later renamed as Soonstead Mansion.