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Penang Street Art (The Chase)

A street art mural found at Ayer Itam town.


Penang Street Art (The Trishaw Kids)

Located at a small alley off Keng Kwee Street (Lebuh Keng Kwee) (where the famous chendul stall is located), this recent mural can be found right behind the Ming Xiang Tai Pastry Shop at Penang Road, George Town. The mural depicts two children trying to take a ride on the pastry shop’s cart. Another similar but more popular mural can be found at Ming Xiang Tai Pastry Shop’s outlet at Armenian Street Ghaut.

Penang Street Art (Chasing after the Gorilla Rider)


This street art depicting two children chasing after a gorilla on a scooter, while an orang utan is looking on from a street pole, can be found at a small alley at the Ayer Itam town. The art mural appears to be created for a convenience store called Daily Shop.

Penang Street Art (Old Soy Milk Stall)


A recent art mural painted at an alley behind an old printing warehouse at Chulia Street Ghaut in George Town. This art work is created in collaboration by St. Xavier’s Institution, Homesoy and Vilmedia and depicts an old lady at a soy milk stall serving bowls of soy milk to children. This art work can be found just beside Children on the Swing mural.

George Town Street Arts at Night

Night Mural
Armenian Street.

Night Mural
Ah Quee Street.

Night Mural
Cannon Street.

Arguably the three most famous art murals as painted (and repainted again early this year) by Ernest Zacharevic, taken at night in George Town.

For the street arts location, please go here: https://travel2penang.wordpress.com/2013/11/04/penang-street-art-map-part-1/

Armenian Street Art at Night


Arguably the most popular spot in George Town, this hour of the night proves to be a good opportunity to take photo of the famous street art mural ‘Children on a Bicycle’, drawn by Ernest Zacharevic.
For the location, please visit https://travel2penang.wordpress.com/2013/11/04/penang-street-art-map-part-1/.

Penang Street Art at Night

Can you spot which is the street art?
This street art can be found at Armenian Street Ghaut or for more info, go here: https://travel2penang.wordpress.com/2014/02/15/penang-street-art-children-from-the-window/.

Penang Street Art (Acheen Street Children Playing)

Acheen Street Art

Acheen Street Art

Acheen Street Art

This mural depicting children playing with each other can be found in Acheen Street, George Town.

For the map and location, please click HERE.

Penang Street Art (Children on a Bicycle)

The ever popular wall mural which depicts two kids riding a bicycle at Armenian Street, was painted by Ernest Zacharevic. For its location, please refer to the map HERE.

Close up photos can also be found here and here.

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