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Penang Queensbay Mall Chinese New Year (CNY) Decorations

Penang Queensbay Mall’s Chinese New Year decorations for the year 2019.

Penang Kek Lok Si CNY Lightings 2018

Every year, during the Chinese New Year festive period, the famous and iconic Kek Lok Si temple will be illuminated to celebrate the festival.

Penang Snake Temple CNY Festival 2018

This year marks the 6th Ban Ka Lan Chinese New Year celebration at the Penang Snake Temple.

The Ban Ka Lan (or Flame Watching) festival is held annually during the Chinese New Year period, as a ceremony to predict the year’s economy by observing the intensity of the flames during the ritual. The festival is also held to celebrate the birthday of the deity of the snake temple, Cheng Chooi Chor Soo Kong.

The Jade Emperor Temple


The Jade Emperor Temple at the foot of Penang Hill.

During the ninth day of the Chinese New Year, Chinese Hokkien people will be celebrating the birthday of the Jade Emperor. This day is also known as the Hokkien people’s new year, and has its origin back during the Song Dynasty where Chinese Hokkien refugees were saved from being caught and killed by the Mongols on the same day of the Jade Emperor’s birthday. Hence, as gratitude and believing that the Jade Emperor had saved them, the Hokkien people soon marked this day as an important festival to be celebrated.

Most Chinese in Penang are Hokkiens, so this day is usually celebrated more widely (and ‘loudly’) here than the first day of Chinese New Year.

George Town Street View: Chinese New Year Night Street

Lanterns decorating the Kapitan Keling Mosque Street during Chinese New Year festive period in George Town.

Queensbay Mall’s 2018 Chinese New Year Decoration

Chinese New Year decoration at the central atrium of Queensbay Mall, a shopping center in Penang.

Kek Lok Si Pagoda Lighted Up

During Chinese New Year, the Kek Lok Si temple complex in Penang will be brightened with lanterns and decorative lighting for almost a month, making it a dazzling spectacle at night.

Nagore Square Street View

Nagore Square Street Viewf

Nagore Road decorated with festive lanterns for Chinese New Year.

Happy Chinese New Year 2017




Various Chinese New Year decorations in Penang’s malls. Today marks the Chinese lunar new year and also this year is the year of the rooster.

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