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George Town Street View: The Abandoned United Workshop


An abandoned and ruined building that seemed to once belonged to a “United Workshop” at Dato Koyah Road, George Town.


Ruins of Maxwell Road

Derelict shophouses at the old (and now closed) Maxwell Road in the heart George Town.

George Town Street View: Old Abandoned Shop

Old Shophouse

A noon sunlight piercing through the bare top floor of an old abandoned shophouse in George Town with the signboard “Sunlight Offset & Engraving Co”.

George Town Street View: Nagore Mews

Nagore Mews

Nagore Mews consist of a number of old houses which were then converted from mews. There are three rows of such houses in the area, with two floors for each row. The mews were abandoned for quite some time until they were being bought over. They were also used as the locations for the Urban Xchange Street Art exhibition. Currently, street stalls selling food and stuff can be found populating the once abandoned lots. The mews are located at along Nagore Road, George Town.

Nagore Mews

Penang Street Art (“Different Strokes” Street Art by Sabek and Whatson)


A recent collaborative street art by artists Martin Whatson of Norway and Sabek of Spain for the Different Strokes street art festival held in April. This mural can be found at one of the abandoned units of shophouses at the old Maxwell Road.

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