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Weld Quay: A Coastal View

Coastal view from the Weld Quay jetty area, looking towards the Macallum Street Ghaut flats.

George Town Cityscape: Noordin Street Ghaut Flats


These flats located at the corner of Magazine Road and Noordin Street Ghaut have seventeen storeys and were built in the 1970s, becoming the tallest structure in George Town at that time.

Ayer Itam: Rifle Range Flats

Rifle Range flats

The Rifle Range flats at Ayer Itam are one of the oldest residential flats in Penang. The name was derived from the past when the area was actually being used as a rifle range. Built under a low cost housing project with an area size of 450-500sqf per unit, the flats were reportedly completed in the 1970s.

George Town Street View: Macallum Street Ghaut Flats

Macallum Street Ghaut Flats

These low cost flats located off Macallum Street Ghaut as well as Cecil Street Ghaut have been around for some time, built since the 1980s. They are also located nearby to the center of George Town.

One of these flats had once been my home for more than 10 years.

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