Penang Tropical Spice Garden (Scenes from the Garden)


Scenes from the Garden

One of the highlights of Penang Island is the Tropical Spice Garden, which is located at the Teluk Bahang area of the island. The Penang Tropical Spice Garden is a must visit for someone who is interested and curious about plants, the various types of spices found locally and in general, nature itself.

Apart from being the home of hundreds of plant species, the eco-attraction garden also provides a guided tour about the types of flora or spices found in the garden as well as a cooking class for visitors. There is also a Thai food restaurant and a souvenir shop located within the compound of the garden.

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Penang Floral Festival: Part I

Held a few times annually at the Botanic Garden, the Penang Flora Festival showcases a wide variety of flowers and plants by the locals. Stalls selling plants and flowers as well as gardening stuff are usually setup for those interested in having their own garden at their homes. Floral art class and competition are also held in celebration of the beauty of nature’s blossoms.

Penang Isle: The Botanical Garden

Botanic Gardens

The Penang Botanic Gardens, also known as the “Waterfall Gardens” because of the cascading waterfall nearby, is a public park situated on Jalan Air Terjun (Waterfall Road) in George Town on Penang Island, Malaysia. The original gardens were established in 1884 from an old quarry site, under the supervision of Charles Curtis, who was the first superintendent.