Lion Dance During Chinese New Year

Lion dance performance at the front entrance of GAMA supermarket in George Town.

Chinese New Year in Penang is celebrated usually with the vibrant tradition of Lion Dance, a captivating spectacle that adds an extra dash of excitement to the festive season. As the rhythmic beat of drums fills the air, intricately adorned lions prance through the streets, symbolizing prosperity and warding off evil spirits.

Penang’s Lion Dance troupes showcase impeccable coordination and skill, captivating audiences with their awe-inspiring performances. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, witnessing the Lion Dance in Penang during Chinese New Year is an unforgettable experience, immersing you in the rich cultural tapestry of this dynamic Malaysian island. Join the festivities and let the spirited energy of the Lion Dance usher in a prosperous and auspicious year ahead.

George Town Street View: GAMA Departmental Store


Located at Dato Keramat Road and near KOMTAR, GAMA Supermarket & Departmental Store is one of the oldest surviving department store established in Penang. Having first opened in 1980, the nostalgic building had undergone multiple renovations throughout the years and still has a large base of local customers.