Acheen Street View: Heritage Townhouses Facade

Old heritage pre-war townhouses along Acheen Street, George Town. These double-storeys townhouses normally have the “Southern Chinese” Eclectic Style architecture, which is often influenced by a mix of Chinese, Indian and European style design.

Love Lane: Chinese Guild of Carpenters

Carpenters Guild

Serving as both the guildhouse for Chinese carpenters and the temple of the ‘North Duke’, this building was found to be built in the year 1865 and is located along Love Lane, George Town. The Guild of Carpenters was founded back then by the local Chinese Cantonese craftsmen who also worshipped ‘Lo Pan’ (or literally ‘North Duke’), the patron saint of the Cantonese tradesmen.

Carpenters Guild

Ah Quee Street: Madrasah Hamid Arabi

Madrasah Hamid Arabi, an old building located along Ah Quee Street, was found to be previously an Islamic religious school as well as providing boarding facility for Islamic students. This building is located not far down the road from the famous Ah Quee street art mural and the “Bruce Lee and Cat” mural.


Campbell Street is one of the popular streets in George Town and is accessible from Penang Road and a number of other smaller streets. The street was found to be named after the Penang Inspector General Sir George William Robert Campbell, who was also the acting Lieutenant-Governor of Penang between 1872 and 1873.

The street is called “Sin Kay” by the local Hokkiens, meaning ‘new street’ and can also be referred to as ‘fresh chickens (another term for prostitutes in Hokkien)’. This is because back in the old days, the street was also famous as a red light district which attracted newly arrived prostitutes from Macau port (consisted mostly of Cantonese migrants). However, during the mid 20th century, the street became an important shopping street for the locals looking to buy various items such as clothes, watches and shoes.

1881 Chong Tian Cultural Hotel

The 1881 Chong Tian Cultural Hotel is a newly renovated pre-war building that is located along Jalan Pintal Tali (Rope Walk) in George Town. According to its official site, it is set to be the first Chinese heritage hotel in Malaysia and was also once a thriving hotel frequented by wealthy merchants and traders in the late 1800s.

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Penang Isle: Wesley Methodist Church

Wesley Methodist Church 01
The Wesley Methodist Church in Penang, located at the junction of Larut Road and Burma Road, is the oldest Methodist Church in Malaysia.
The English architecture style Church building was built in 1911 and its cornerstone was laid on 26 December the same year. The land on Anson and Burma Roads was exchanged for Larut Road, where the Church was to be built.
Wesley Methodist Church 02
The Church was dedicated by Bishop W.P. Eveland on in memory of Bishop James M. FitzGerald, who presided over the 15th Session of the Malaysia Conference meeting in Penang in 1907, and who died in Hong Kong later in the same year and also in memory of his daughter, Miss Cornelia FitzGerald, who died in Penang in 1907 too.

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