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George Town Street View: A Small Home

A small house stuck between two large pre-war townhouses in George Town.

The Nine Emperor Gods’ Temple

This old The Nine Emperor Gods Temple (a townhouse painted in yellow) is located at Cheong Fatt Tze Street, George Town.

Primarily observed by the local Chinese, the Nine Emperor Gods Festival is a 9-days Taoist celebration beginning on the eve of 9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar. This year’s celebration will be ending on the 17th October. During a 9-days period, devotees will be observing a strict vegetarian diet.

“The festival is dedicated to the nine sons of Dou Mu, the Goddess of the North Star, who is believed to control the Books of Life and Death. Devotees believe the deities arrive through the waterway and processions are usually held from temples to the river or seashore as a symbolic gesture.”

Walking Through Heritage XI (Five Foot Way)

George Town Street View: Little Garden of Pots

Line of Pots

George Town Street View: Painted Wall

Graffiti over the wall of an old heritage pre-war house in George Town.

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