George Town Street View: Cintra Street

Cintra Street

Cintra Street

Cintra Street

Cintra Street is a road in George Town that connects both Kimberley Street and Chulia Street. Cintra apparently refers to the Portuguese word for “Port” and the street has its root traced back to early Eurasians who settled here. Back in the old days during the 19th century, the street was also known for its Japanese geisha establishments or the Karayuki-san.

There is also a steel rod art sculpture found along this street.

Penang Isle: The Japanese Cemetery


The Japanese Cemetery located near Jalan P. Ramlee (or near to the P. Ramlee Birth House) is a very old historical cemetery that dated back in 1893. All of the gravestones are before the World War II, and belong mostly to the Karayuki-san – Japanese women who traveled to or were trafficked to East Asia, Southeast Asia and as far as San Francisco in the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century to work as prostitutes, courtesans and geisha.