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The Penang Road Chendul Stall

Shot of the famous Chendul stall at Keng Kwee Street, off Penang Road, George Town.


Penang Street Art (The Trishaw Kids)

Located at a small alley off Keng Kwee Street (Lebuh Keng Kwee) (where the famous chendul stall is located), this recent mural can be found right behind the Ming Xiang Tai Pastry Shop at Penang Road, George Town. The mural depicts two children trying to take a ride on the pastry shop’s cart. Another similar but more popular mural can be found at Ming Xiang Tai Pastry Shop’s outlet at Armenian Street Ghaut.

Penang Street Art (Couple on a Bicycle)

A recent addition to the series of street arts of George Town is this art mural of a couple riding a bicycle happily, painted by local artist Caryn Koh. Caryn Koh is also the girl featured in another large art mural (Looking Up) painted by street artist Jarus.

This particular art work can be found at Keng Kwee Street (or Lebuh Keng Kwee), the same street where the famous Penang Cendol stall is located.

Penang Road’s Teochew Chendul Stall


People queuing up for a bowl of Teochew chendul (or cendol) at the famous stall at Penang Road, George Town.

The exact location of the stall is actually along Keng Kwee Street (Lebuh Keng Kwee) in George Town. Chendul is a traditional dessert popular in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. It is usually made up of coconut milk, jelly ‘green noodles’ and red beans served with shaved ice and palm sugar.

George Town Street View: Keng Kwee Street

Keng Kwee Street

Keng Kwee Street (or Lebuh Keng Kwee) is a rather small street that links up Penang Road and Kuala Kangsar Road in central George Town. The street was named after Chinese Kapitan Chung Keng Kwee, the only man honored with two roads in Penang (the other street named after him was Ah Quee Street). Keng Kwee Street is now famous as the location of the most popular and often crowded Teochew Cendol stall.

Keng Kwee Street

The Teochew Cendol stall.

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