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Love Lane: Chinese Guild of Carpenters

Carpenters Guild

Serving as both the guildhouse for Chinese carpenters and the temple of the ‘North Duke’, this building was found to be built in the year 1865 and is located along Love Lane, George Town. The Guild of Carpenters was founded back then by the local Chinese Cantonese craftsmen who also worshipped ‘Lo Pan’ (or literally ‘North Duke’), the patron saint of the Cantonese tradesmen.

Carpenters Guild

Love Lane Street View

Love Lane

Signboards of inns, cafes and shops along Love Lane, also known as Backpackers’ Street in George Town.

Love Lane Townhouses

Old pre-war townhouses such as these are a common nostalgic sight if one walks along the heritage street of Love Lane in George Town.

Penang Street Art (Love Lane II)


Another new steel rod art sculpture located at Love Lane. This steel rod caricature is newly installed as compared to the one on the opposite side, and it depicts how Love Lane is presently also a popular street known for its budget inns.


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