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Penang Street View: Angsana Trees of Macalister Road

Angsana Trees along Macalister Road

Old and big Angsana trees provide much needed shade to the road users of Macalister Road in Penang. The Angsana trees were said to be planted along this western section of Macalister Road by Charles Curtis, once the curator of the Penang Botanic Gardens in the late 19th century. Macalister Road is also one of the major and longest roads on Penang island.


Macalister Road: St Paul’s Church

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St Paul’s Church located at Macalister Road is an old Chinese Anglican church which was built back in the 1930s.

Penang Street Art (The Giant Boy and Squirrel Mural)

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This huge art mural was recently completed on the side of the wall of the new 118 Hotel MacAlister, which is located along MacAlister Road in George Town. It depicts a boy having a bowl of noodles with a squirrel on top of his cap. With the bright orange wall, this mural or building can be easily spotted if one travels along MacAlister Road or along Lorong Baru (New Lane).

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George Town Street View: Macalister Road

Macalister Road

Macalister Road (or Jalan Macalister) is a rather long road that stretches out from George Town (KOMTAR area) to the outer ring of the city center. The road was found to be named after after Colonel Norman Macalister, who was both the Governor of Penang and a close associate of Captain Francis Light during the 1800s period.

Macalister Road

Macalister Road

Penang Isle: Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Centre


The Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Centre is located at Macalister Road, George Town and is housed within the Penang Philomatic Union building (also the building’s former name). It was said that the Penang Philomatic Union was founded by a political party supporting Dr Sun Yat-sen (the founder of Republic of China) in 1908, and had provided some of the staunchest supporters of his cause for a Free World. Dr Sun Yat-sen also reportedly conducted his first speech in Penang at this building.

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