Muntri Street: Penang Goldsmith Association

Penang Ta Kam Hong (or translated as Penang Goldsmith Association) is the oldest Chinese goldsmith association in Malaysia which was founded in the 1800s at Muntri Street, George Town. Most of its goldsmith members are of Cantonese descent and they generally worship Wu Ching, the patron deity of goldsmiths within the association’s guild temple.

The large art mural of the ‘Girl in Blue’ drawn by Ernest Zacharevic can be found on the side wall of a neighboring house of the association.

Penang Street Art (Muntri Street)

A steel rod wall caricature located at Muntri Street, George Town. The caricature tells the origin of ‘amah’ who are Cantonese housemaids coming to Penang in the old times to serve as domestic helpers in most wealthy Chinese families.