George Town Street View: Trishaws Resting Under the Nighttime Charm

As night falls, the city’s Kapitan Keling Mosque Street comes alive with the vibrant glow of red lanterns, symbolizing prosperity and good fortune during Chinese New Year.

Traditional trishaws resting after their last passengers left, offering a leisurely tour along the heritage trail during the evening. The classic shophouses, bathed in the lanterns’ warm light, stand as a testament to Penang’s rich history and cultural diversity.

Penang Isle: Bukit Dumbar Park

Penang Bukit Dumbar is a recreational park situated over a man-made hill located in Jelutong area of the island. It serves as a popular place for the locals to exercise, jogging or just to have a stroll during the mornings and evenings. The park is made up of hill slopes with walkway around and at the top of the small hill.

A public badminton court center is also located within the park’s vicinity for those interested to rent a court for playing badminton.

Google Map location:

Penang Street Art (The Paris-Penang Mural)

The France-Penang Mural

The France-Penang Mural

The France-Penang Mural

This 20 meter art mural at Alliance Française de Penang was created by local Malaysian artist Elan Hasyim and it was painted in a way to portray the relation between the two cities, Paris and Penang.

It can be found on the wall of the building of The Alliance Française de Penang (a French learning center), which is located right at the corner of Jalan Phuah Hin Leong, George Town:

The Alliance Française de Penang Building

George Town Street View: LIGHT STREET

Named after Penang island’s colonial founder, Captain Francis Light, Light Street (Lebuh Light) was reportedly the first main street to be laid out and built in George Town. The area surrounding this road was once a thick jungle before it was cleared out, way before the Fort Cornwallis even came into existence. Captain Francis Light had his first house built along this street.

Along Light Street, there are several important government buildings that still exist till today, including the State Assembly Building, the Supreme Court Complex and the National Bank building.

The Supreme Court Complex and the National Bank building can be seen here.

The Supreme Court.

State Assembly Building.