Penang’s ‘Cherry Blossom’

Cherry Blossom

The Tabebuia Rosea, Pink Tecoma, Rosy Trumpet Tree or commonly known by the locals here as Penang Sakura / Cherry Blossoms will be in full bloom again throughout the month of March till April (at times, till early May as well). The trees are planted in various parts of Penang, and if one is lucky, will be able to see the fully bloomed beautiful trees.

Penang Street Art (Watering the Potted Flowers)

Watering Plants Art

Likely drawn during the Different Strokes street art festival, this little mural can be found at a corner shophouse of Noordin Street and Brick Kiln Road (or Gurdwara Road), George Town. This mural was painted by Thai artist Muebon (or Bon).

Penang Floral Festival: Part I

Held a few times annually at the Botanic Garden, the Penang Flora Festival showcases a wide variety of flowers and plants by the locals. Stalls selling plants and flowers as well as gardening stuff are usually setup for those interested in having their own garden at their homes. Floral art class and competition are also held in celebration of the beauty of nature’s blossoms.