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Kek Lok Si Turtle Pond and Garden

The newly renovated and re-landscaped turtles pond and garden of Kek Lok Si.

Currently some of the area’s rework is still in progress.

Botanic Gardens: The Hidden Lily Pond

The lily pond within the northern part of the Penang Botanic Gardens can be accessed via two paths (such as one shown below) located near the Orchidarium. The rather hidden pond area also provides a sight of the lush rainforest and the serenity of nature.

The Kek Lok Si Temple Turtle Pond

The Kek Lok Si Temple Turtle Pond

The Kek Lok Si Temple Turtle Pond

The Kek Lok Si Temple Turtle Pond

This old but large ‘turtle liberation pond’ of Kek Lok Si temple complex can be found near the entrance of the temple if one decides to walk up the hill from the Ayer Itam town. The pond is surrounded by many souvenir and gift stalls and similar stalls are set up along the way to the pond and the temple.

Penang Street Art (Mini Garden Pond)

Pond Art

In one of the heritage areas in George Town, one may encounter a miniature garden that houses a pond made of ceramic tiles and painting of fish on it, with artistic balls sculpture.

Pond Art

Penang Tropical Spice Garden

Covering more than 8 acres of rainforest, the Tropical Spice Garden is a large eco-tourism garden featuring serene environment and various spices found in this part of the world. Located along Penang’s north-western shores (Batu Ferringhi), the award-winning garden is one of the top attractions in the island.


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