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Penang Street Art (Toh Aka Lane Sculpture)

A steel rod art sculpture depicting an Ironsmith at work, which also tells the origin of the Toh Aka Lane (Lorong Toh Aka) in George Town. Known locally in the old days as “Ironworks Street”, most of the people staying in this area were ironsmiths and the majority of them belonged to the Cheah clan.


Penang Street Art (Cintra Street)

Cintra Street Street Sculpture

A steel rod art sculpture spotted at the wall of a coffeeshop which is located at the cross junction of Cintra Street and Kimberley Street in George Town. According to the brief description of the art sculpture, Cintra Street is popular for its row of dim sum restaurants.

Penang Street Art (Lorong Muda Sculpture)

Lorong Muda is a small lane off Stewart Lane and the area is popular for traditional joss sticks maker as depicted in this steel rod wall sculpture.

Penang Street Art (Sungai Ujong Road)


This steel sculpture found at Sungai Ujong Road depicts barbers who once set up their business along the Prangin Canal back in the old days of Penang. Hairs which were cut were apparently thrown by the barber shops into the canal during that time. Sungai Ujong Road also marks the end point of the former Prangin River. Sungai Ujong Road serves as the connection between Prangin Road and Kimberley Street.

Penang Street Art (Weld Quay Indian Noodles)

A steel rod art sculpture installed at the top side of a warehouse at the Penang Swettenham Pier, Weld Quay area. The caricature revealed that Weld Quay is the birthplace of the Indian spicy noodles when back in the old times, it was a local favorite meal for the sailors and port workers.

Penang Street Art (Queen Street Goldsmith)

Queen St Art
A steel rod art sculpture showing a caricature of a traditional Indian goldsmiths who used to set up stalls (by working on a bench) along Queen Street back in the old days.

Penang Street Art (Chulia Lane Trishaw Sculpture)

A steel sculpture caricature depicting a trishaw peddler in George Town, Penang, which is commonly known as ‘beca’ locally.

Penang Street Art (The Little Sparrows)

Steel wall caricature featuring little sparrows flying from a window at a wall of an old building at Stewart Lane in George Town.

Penang Street Art (Handcart Sculpture)

This art caricature made of steel can be found installed at a building along Armenian Street. It depicts how back in the old days, hand-pulled carts are a popular mode of transportation around the port area of the island.

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